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"The legato and crystalline clarity of the catalan flutist is outstanding, and she always puts herself at the service of a delicate and seductive lyricism (...) 
Exquisite phrasing and virtuosic exuberance (...) ".

-Platea Magazine


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The flute and Bel Canto

Patrícia de No is one of the most complex artists of her generation. The specialized criticism talks about her expressive and generous personality, and about the lyricism of her phrasing, which comes from the years that Patrícia took part of the lyric world. 

Patrícia has performed for Europe, Asia and America for more than twenty years and she has been regularly invited to music festivals and concert halls as a soloist like the Palau de la Música Catalana, the National Theater of San José de Costa Rica, the Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona, the Guanzhou Opera House Theater of China, the National Theater of Popayán de Colombia, the Macao Cultural Center of China, the Helsinki Music Center, the Hong Kong Philharmonie...

Open up to the world

Restless, versatile and analytical, she has always shown her interest for every single area of the artistic world and has explored all the ways of making music performing as a soloist, cambrist or taking part in a orchestra. She has acquired a fresh, holistic and deep perspective of the different fields of classical music.


As a soloist, she has played with the Silesian Chamber Orchestra from Poland, the Praghe Virtuosi Chamber Ochestra from Czech Republic, the Eafit Symphony Orchestra of Medellín from Colombia, the Orchestra of the Academy of the Gran Teatre del Liceu of Barcelona, the ​​Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Andorra, the Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra or the Hungarian Virtuosi of Budapest, working with masters such as Sylvain Camberling, B. de Billy, S. Weigle, M. Plasson, J. Judd, Ch. Hogwood, J. L. Cobos, P. Schneider, L. Foster, Lu-Già or Jean-Pierre Rampal.


She has worked with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gran Teatre del Liceu Orchestra, the Spanish Chamber Orchestra, the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and has auditioned for the Berlin Philharmonic and the Rundfunk Sinfonikorchester in Munich, which invited her to perform the Messia's opera "St. Francis of Assisi" (2010).

The repercussion

Patrícia de No has been chosen as one of the thousand most influential women in the classical music of the last hundred years in the exhibition "d'Ones" (Palau Robert, 2017). She has been awarded in many competitions in Germany, Spain and France and was Premier Prix of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva.

The journalist Sílvia Cópulo dedicates a chapter of her book to her: "Dones de primera: 47 vides excepcionals." (Ara Llibres, 2009).

Her discography contains three CDs: "Adri" (Global, 1998), "La Flauta Romàntica" (Solfarecordings, 2011) and "Intimate" (Solfarecordings, 2014) and she also has several recordings in local and international radios and televisions.


Get off the stage

Patrícia de No has always been committed to artistic and cultural projects, and she empathizes especially with those who have a relevance in the social field, firmly believing in the quote of master J.A. Abreu "if Art does not have a social function, it is not Art." She is artistic director of  Festival Internacional de Música "Angular",  Monastery of  Sant Cugat, Barcelona.


Since her childhood, Patrícia has been actively involved in humanitarian, animalist and environmental causes and has organized annual charity concerts in Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Bilbao, Berlin and Medellin.

For Patrícia, the artistic teaching is very important to achieve a fairer society, so she helps young flutists to make their way in the professional world, giving master classes at the University of Medellin (Colombia), at Ashland University (USA), at ESMUC (Catalunya) and frequently in her own classroom. Patricia de No is Flute Master professor and Graduate at "Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio" de Madrid.

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